The accident happened six months back, not today; Actor Sarath has clarified on the news of the car accident involving him and his family.

Malayalees were shocked after hearing the news of the accident in the vehicle in which film-serial actor Sarath Das and his family were traveling.

The accident happened when a bus hit Sarath’s car. The video of the accident was shared by the actor himself on social media.

Sarath’s wife can also be heard shouting in the video. Sarath said that despite having space on the right side, the bus came and hit the car.

Malayalees were shocked to see the video. After the news of the accident broke, many took to social media to pray for the star’s health.

But now Sarath has given more clarification in this video. The matter has been explained in a note shared on social media.

The actor has now clarified that this was an incident six months ago. The actor said in a social media note that he was grateful to those who called and inquired about his news.

Sarath’s note:

Greetings to everyone. In the last video, it’s been six months since we had this accident. I just shared that video. There is nothing to fear when you see news in online newspapers.

As mentioned in the video, with God’s help no one was injured. Thanks to all relatives and friends who are directly or indirectly seeking information.

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