The 72-year-old played the 12-year-old central character in Avatar; Another James Cameron Magic

The second part of Avatar hit the theaters yesterday, taking the world cinema audience by surprise. The wonderful world of Pandora and a visually stunning story world are once again brought to the audience. This time director James Cameron is taking the audience to the wonderful world under the sea. The visually stunning film has been receiving a great response from across the world.

James Cameron is the minister of the film world. He filmed the first part of Avatar after waiting 15 years and developing new film technology. Now the second part and other parts of the upcoming film have been developed by the director after a long research.

But now another magic of James Cameron is being seen. Sigourney Weaver, who played Doctor Grace in the first part, played the central character Kirie in ‘Avatar 2’. Sigoni, 72, appeared as 12-year-old Kiri and was surprised. Sigoni became Kiri through motion capture technology. Sigoni also attended an acting training workshop with teenage girls before the film began shooting.

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There was a lot of pressure on Cameron to approach any other actresses as Kiri. But the director expressed confidence in an actress named Sigoni. This decision is being applauded now. Sigoni has given a good performance as Kiri.

Story Highlights: 72-year-old actress plays a 12-year-old character in Avatar 2