That’s why I don’t miss acting; divya unni says

Actress Divya Unni needs no introduction. Divya was once a star of Malayalam films. Divya Unni, who entered cinema as a child artist, acted opposite all the leading heroes of the time. The star’s portrayal of a college girl with a bit of mischief was also noticed. Divya said goodbye to cinema with marriage

The actress runs her own dance school in America. Divya Unni is now talking about her life in film and dance.

I watch all the movies non stop. That’s why I don’t stop acting. Even though I am not acting, I am still reading scripts. The actress says that she is currently busy with all the things in the dance school. In the country, there is a live orchestra for the performance. I miss her. Divya Unni said that sometimes the live orchestra team comes from the country.

Mammootty and Mohanlal are acting universities. All of them easily become characters. We have learned from them. They laugh and cry easily. I think of them when I feel stressed saying that if one day doesn’t go as planned. The actor said that she works keeping all the preoccupations and things aside.

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