That’s why I didn’t brush him, otherwise Nitya Das was sure to be avoided

Nitya Das is one actress who has a huge fan following. Even though he has been away from acting for a while, his love for Nithya has not diminished. Nitya is married to Punjabi Arvind Singh Jamwal. Nitya and Arvind met during a flight. They met each other while traveling from Kozhikode to Chennai. The actress now says that she would not have married if her family had not agreed.

Marriage arrangements were not done from Kozhikode to Thiruvananthapuram as well. In such a situation, there was a problem in my being tied to Kashmir. If father and mother had not agreed to this marriage, we would not have eaten food. No matter how great the love is. If you eat like this, you cannot be happy. But Nitya said that I did not rub the mole because I was agreeable in my house, otherwise I would have avoided it.

Meanwhile, this flying saucer was a turning point in the career of Nitya Das. Apart from this film, all the films done by the actress were hits. Nitya Das has acted in only a few films. Pallimani is the latest film of the actor.

Nithya, who soon became Malayalam’s favorite star, has done many films in Tamil and Telugu languages ​​apart from Malayalam.

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