That’s why called makeup artist, not afraid of ghost: Esha Gupta

Actress Esha Gupta is one of those celebrities who has often spoken about the dark side of Bollywood. Esha Gupta has opened up about her bad experiences with directors and casting couch. What Isha said is again attracting attention.

A director has called Cheetah on the set. He is not the kind of person who comes late on the sets. One day the problem of clothes came. Reported to the Assistant Director. But there was a problem in communication between them. When he reached the set, he said sorry.

The director said good and bad in Hindi. He spoke calmly but then he spoke badly. When he was insulted a second time, he responded. He exited the set in the same outfit. Then the producers and the EP came calling. The director apologized two days later.

There was a director who tried to enter his personal space during an outdoor shoot. He overcame the situation by making the make-up artist sleep with him. He was not afraid of ghosts. This is the person. They wouldn’t do this to the children of the stars.

Because they know their parents will fix them. When nothing was going to happen, he behaved in a spirit of revenge. Similarly, Isha says that a producer tried to remove her from the film for not agreeing to her wishes.

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