That’s how I fell in love with her and she must have fallen in love with me too – says Subi’s fiance Rahul

Malayalees were deeply pained by the news of Subi Suresh’s demise. Although they were very old, they were not yet married. But he dies when their marriage is almost fixed. The actor was going to marry a man named Rahul. Now Rahul is focusing on what he said in an interview to Filmbeat Media.

“Subi, mother and Aanan are all very attached. He had many troubles since his childhood. He had a very prosperous family. Suddenly came back to the situation. At the age of 18 he had a loud fight with his mother and brother. He Started the fight by coming in a field where women haven’t shown much potential. They were very smart. Everything is settled somehow. That’s how she thinks marriage can work. But there was no room for love – says Rahul.

“She was everything to her mother. Mother also used to do programmes. He had something only after his mother. Maybe he liked me because of what my mother said. I have asked myself this many times. Rahul must have told her sometimes that she liked you that day. Maybe that’s how she liked me. Other than that, he has no judgement” – says Rahul.

“We lost our daughter. But his mother told me that we have found you as our son. They should be treated well. If her mother agrees, I want to take care of her too.” – added Rahul. On the other hand, Rahul says that there were no less opportunities for Subi in the film and she herself refused. Rahul says , he avoided film because there were too many stage shows.

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