That is why he did not come to see Subi; Naseer Sankranti responds to criticism

The death of Subi Suresh shook Malayalees. Subi died of liver disease at an early age.

Subi was no longer a gift for co-workers, relatives and friends.

Many people came to see Subi for the last time. But
Naseer Sankranti, who has done maximum number of shows with Subi, was not the last one to meet Subi.

This was the reason for the criticism. Now Nazir has answered why he did not go to meet Subi.

Naseer Sankranti said that he did not go to see Subi for the last time as his mind did not allow him to see Subi in his mind. The actor’s response was in an interview with Behind Woods.

‘There are two reasons. One is the shooting date. It was a program that I agreed to do. Secondly, his smiling face is etched in my mind.

Subi’s face would talk to me, talk, play and laugh. My mind did not allow me to go and see him apart from him. I don’t want to see that face, just his smiling face is enough in my mind, says Naseer.

They are the ones who leave our lives and the world. I can’t see it. His face will always be in my mind. Nazir said that it will remain like this till I die.

Subi died on 22 February. Subi’s death was unexpected and there was a wave of mourning in the Malayalam region. Subi, who was undergoing treatment for liver ailment for a long time, died at Rajagiri Hospital in Kochi. Subi’s death was near

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