That is my real age, I have no hesitation to tell it – Have you heard Kiran’s mother’s real age in Mounragam series? The audience said that 35 would not look up

Mounragam is one of the favorite serials of Malayalees. It is the Malayalam version of a Telugu serial of the same name. Aishwarya Ramsay plays the central character in the series. The series tells the story of a mute girl named Kalyani. It is one of the most favorite series of Malayalees.

The name of the central character in this series is Kiran. His mother’s name is Roopa Chandrasekhar. Actress Anu Nair is playing this role. He plays an older character in the series, but in real life he doesn’t look old at all. Now the things said by the actor in the interview given to the channel named Behind Woods are considered. The actor is revealing his real age.

“People usually call me santoor mummy. I actually think of it as a compliment. In real life I have a 21 year old son. “I take the name Santoor Mummy very positively” – says Anchu.

“Actually I am 47 years old. I have no hesitation in telling my age. I am the mother of an older boy in the series. I have a son of that age in real life too” – five couples. Meanwhile, Malayalees say that if they see this star, they will not age at all. Now a section of the audience is on stage asking That if you look at it you will only look 35 years old and what kind of skin care are you taking.

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