That day she wrote a letter to Prabhudeva in blood: Manju Warrier candidly

Manju Warrier opens up about her deep admiration for Prabhudeva. Prabhudheva has choreographed the actress’s new film Ayesha. Manju said that everyone who knew her closely knew about her love for Prabhudeva and that she had sent him a letter written in blood during their school days.

The actress revealed this when she came to Farooq College in Kozhikode. Anyone who knows me knows about my devotion towards Prabhudeva. He is a big fan of it since childhood. Manju Warrier said that when he was in school, he was sent a letter written in blood, which was highly appreciated.

When the opportunity for this film came, he was asked if he would do choreography. He agreed without thinking. After that we all were preparing for it.

A huge song was arranged for his choreography. The dancers were sent by Prabhudeva sir. It was almost a week’s work behind it – added Manju Warrier.

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