Thanks for your offer, but I’m not selling it – Hear Basil Joseph ? This is the condition of Malayalees

Basil Joseph is one of the favourite directors of Malayalees. He is the director of India’s first superhero film Minnal Murali. However, he is known not only as a director. He is one of the leading actors in Malayalam. He played the central character in the film Jai Jai Jai Hai.

The actor is very active on social media. The actor shares all his new features with his fans. The pictures and videos shared by the actor are always accompanied by hilarious comments. Basil Joseph gives an interesting answer to such comments. Now one such reply comment has been seen.

They took a boat trip on Christmas day. He was on a boat trip with his family. Its pictures have been shared by the actor on Instagram. A comment came below this – 3000 rupees, is this account for sale? Someone asked. Did you hear the director’s reply on this?

Many thanks for your wonderful offer. But I don’t intend to sell it – was Basil Joseph’s answer. Many people came as comments below this. 3000 rupees was a good offer and if you want, take my account, everyone’s answer. It has been said in the fans’ comments that you do not need 3000 rupees, just give 1500 rupees and you will take the account.


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