“Thank you Alia..brought tears to my eyes.”; Basile’s response to Tovino’s praise

Actor and director Basil Joseph got an international recognition the other day. Minal Murali director Basil was selected as the Best Director at the Asian Academy Awards held in Singapore. Minal Murali won the award competing with films from 16 countries. Tovino Thomas played the lead role in the film.

After this, the pictures and notes Tovino had shared congratulating Tulsi on social media went viral. “Tulsi’s growth as a friend, as an actor who has acted under his direction, and as an actor who has acted in multiple films simultaneously is one that I have watched with great joy and pride. seen together. I was probably the first person who called after receiving the award from the same place. Another reason is that we are working together in the same film when Tulsi got this recognition for Meenal Murali. There are many peaks yet to be conquered. Grow up, grow up, grow up!! Tovino wrote while sharing a picture with Basil.

Now Tulsi’s answer on this is worth considering. Basil wrote below Tovino’s post, “Thank you Alia, my eyes are full of tears…sed.”

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Whereas, Basil himself shared the news of winning the award through social media. “I am extremely happy and honored to be announced as the Best Director at the 2022 Asian Academy Awards. I am proud to be a part of the Malayalam film industry and to represent India on this platform.”- Basil Award photo Wrote while sharing.

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