Thalaivi is not called to become an actress like Nayanthara? Gayathri Suresh told about her wishes

Gayatri Suresh is one of the leading actresses of Malayalam. The actor made his acting debut in the Kunchacko Boban film Jamna Pyari and has acted in several films in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada languages.

At the same time, actors are always a victim of trollers. Now the actor is making headlines on social media due to his outspokenness.

Gayatri Suresh wants to be an actress like Nayanthara. Gayathri said she plans to direct a film soon. The actress said she wants to make a female version of ‘Kalyanaram’.

The actress said these things in an interview. ‘I aspire to become an actress like Nayanthara. Shouldn’t you say Thalaivi and also become an actress?

Similarly, I also want to direct a film. I wanted to tell a film through my eyes since childhood. The actress said that anything will happen.

The actress also said that when I do a film, I wish to do a female version like ‘Kalyan Raman’. Often if it is a female lead film then it is the victim woman and so on. But apart from serious roles, I also want to do comedy films.

The actress also said that female versions like Kalyanaraman and Pandipada should be taken up. I will only spread positivity,’ Gayatri said.

The fans of the star have taken the actress’ words for granted. At the same time, the words of the actor are being criticized. Critics say aspiring to be like Nayanthara is a pipe dream