Telugu actor assaulted a young man in the middle of the day, after knowing the reason, the audience applauded fiercely

Actor Nagashoreya is one of the leading stars of Telugu. He hasn’t acted in a single Malayalam film yet, but he is one of the favorite Malayalam stars. The reason for this is that all the films he acted in were films of acting importance and all these films made a lot of noise in Kerala as well.

Now one of his videos is making a splash on social media. The video of him getting down on the middle of the road and handling a young man is now going viral. Earlier many people came forward criticizing him. This video first went viral in the name of the actor’s pride, but later when we came to know the reason, the plate turned out to be correct.

He only stops the young man and asks him to apologise. The incident seen in the video happened on Wednesday. This young man was beating up a girl who appeared to be his girlfriend. Asking this question, the actor came to the middle of the road. But the actor says that he only held the hand of the young man who was ready to stop without listening to him.

Meanwhile, the young man said that this is his girlfriend. The actor stopped them saying that you have no right to misbehave with them even if they are your girlfriends. At the same time, many people are coming forward to congratulate the actor. Meanwhile, one of his films is going to be released after two weeks. The audience says that this is all a pre-release show.

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