Taraputri’s second birthday today, see which stars came to the birthday party?

Neeraj Madhav is one of the most favorite actors of Malayalees. His wife’s name is Deepti. In the month of February 2021, a child was born in their house. The boy’s name is Nilanga. Many people came to congratulate him that day.

Neeraj remains very active on social media. He openly talks about every small and big thing in his life through social media. The actor shares all the details about his daughter with his fans. Now the actor has revealed the latest news about his daughter. The actor is now announcing that his daughter has completed her second birthday.

He wrote on social media, Happy Birthday Nilanga for the second birthday of our sweet little angel. He also did not forget to share a beautiful picture of the baby. Many people are now coming forward to wish the child a happy birthday.

Meanwhile, did you see how many stars participated in the birthday celebration of the child? Kunchacko Boban is one of the important guests. Meanwhile, Shane Nikam makes a guest appearance. Anthony Varghese is another star who turned up to join the kid’s birthday celebrations. Anyway, all his pictures are now going viral on social media.

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