Suriya may direct someone else’s biopic after Suriya Pottery, Prithviraj knows who made a big contribution to India?

Suriya is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He was once one of those stars who had fans all over South India. But later all his films started banging in theaters one after the other. He gets a good film when he is almost on the verge of getting out of fielding. In other words, he got two films, but the truth is that he did not get the benefit of the theater because both the films were released online. After this, his film released in theaters broke 8 floors.

Now it is known that he is going to focus more on biographical films. If reports are to be believed, he will next be seen in a biopic on a person named Ranjanpillai. He is one of those people who have contributed a lot for India. Meanwhile, news is coming that Prithviraj can direct it. But there is no official confirmation regarding this issue yet.

This will be Suriya’s 43rd film. There is a possibility that this film will also be released online. The audience says that it is almost certain that if it is released in the theatres, it will explode till eight floors. That’s why everyone says that it is safe to release Surya Movies on Amazon only. And the audience says that since Suriya produces most of the films, there is no need to fear that other producers will suffer.

Meanwhile, who knows who Ranjanpillai is? He is the founder of Britannia Biscuits. One of the cheapest biscuit companies in India. Britannia is one such biscuit, which has helped a lot to satisfy the hunger of Indians even during Covid. Viewers say that Suriya is guaranteed an Oscar anyway if his revolutionary life is projected in the film.

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