Surely the spark will fly..; Mohanlal with the motion poster of Sphatikam

‘Sphatikam’ is a classic of Malayalam cinema. Aduthoma in Sphatikam is one of Mohanlal’s career best roles. This superhit film, directed by Bhadran, is now getting ready for re-release. Sphatikam is again coming in front of the audience after 28 years of its release.

Now actor Mohanlal has shared the motion poster of the film. “We are confirming for the lovely viewers the second coming of Build Your Own Goat with the 4K Power Engine that showed us that racing is worth it. Crystal will hit the theaters again on February 9. So why?” Mohanlal shared the motion poster on social media.

At the same time, Mohanlal himself had earlier made an official announcement regarding the release of the film. “My Adthoma, the one you’ve always held in your heart, is being re-released with all the new age technological excellence you desire. Crystal 4k Atmos hits theaters worldwide on February 9, 2023. Remember It was such a Thursday 28 years ago, when you accepted Aduthoma in your heart… ‘Then why… make sure?’- notes Mohanlal. The actor also shared the new poster along with the note .

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Director Bhadran had earlier opened up about the re-release of Sphatikam. Bhadran said there were thousands of letters and requests from people to re-release Sphatikum and the film is being re-released so that the new generation can watch it on the big screen. He added that he has not seen the film in its entirety yet and even though fans say it is the best, he feels the film has flaws.

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