Superstar’s mother passes away, Malayalam audience pays tribute, this is the reason for death

Rakhi Sawant is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. She is seen through Hindi television reality competitions. All his performances were widely discussed in the media. This is the reason why he has fans all over the country. Such people have always been welcomed by Malayalees with open arms, hence the actor has a huge fan following among Malayalees.

Meanwhile, now a very sad news is coming out. Now the news is coming that his mother has passed away. His mother’s name is Jaya Sawant. Many fans arrived to pay tribute to Amma. The audience, including Malayalees, say that God should give the star the strength to bear anything.

At the same time, the mother was admitted to a private hospital in Mumbai. He died on Sunday. The actor has shared many memories related to his mother on social media. A few days ago the actor uploaded an emotional video. The actor said in this video that his mother’s health was very bad.

In this video the actor reveals for the first time that his mother has a brain tumour. This is what the doctors are now telling as the cause of death. The actor also says in the video that his mother has cancer. The actor also requested everyone to pray for his mother. At the same time, the name of the husband of the actress is Adil Khan. He was the first to confirm the death of the mother.

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