Sulu-Kunchan is the child I raised in my childhood

Zulu is the boy I used to raise as a child: Kunchan

Kunchan says that he shares a brotherly relationship with Mammootty’s wife Sulphate. In an interview to Kanchanalmedia, Kunchan said that when he was young, he used to take Sulphate for walks and his children also inherited his good qualities.

“I have a very good relationship with Mamuka. His wife Zulu is the daughter of my elder brother’s friend. I have been watching since childhood. She also treats me like a brother. I took her and left. Nice build and compact baby.The kids are the same.

Dulquer or his daughter can show whatever arrogance they want. Now when I am going on the road, she will stop the car saying ‘Uncle Kunchan’, hug me and give it to my mother. They are very polite. This is due to the quality of upbringing. We have seen so many kids of actors. Some will be good and some will not be good and that is the advantage of raising them. Even our children will depend on how we nurture them,’ said Kunchan.

Kunchan also said in the interview that Mammootty had helped him get married. “I met Mamuka for the first time at Vidya Vahini studio. That day he had come for the shooting of some other film. It was the time when my marriage was near. Marriage is nearing, I sat in the studio and said Need at least ten thousand rupees in hand He was never seen standing.

After some time they brought ten thousand rupees to me without telling me. He said we will think about it after marriage. Then I returned it after two months. There is no such great friendship between us except that we talk when we see each other. He has a very good heart,’ said Kunchan.

Pushu is the last film in which the two worked together. The film, directed by Rathina, was released by Sony LIV on May 13 last year. Parvathy Thiruvoth, Apunni Shashi, Kottayam Ramesh and Nedumudi Venu played other characters.

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