Such people are an insult to the fans themselves: Manju Pillai

Ernakulam Govt. Manju Pillai has reacted to the violence against actress Aparna Balamurali who came to law college. The student who came near to offer flowers to Aparna grabbed Aparna’s hand and pulled her up and tried to hold her by the shoulder. Manju Pillai says such behavior is bad.

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In the words of the star,

Such people are an insult to the fans themselves. We have a lot of well behaved fans around us. Such people can sometimes become a source of defamation for them too. Everyone’s personality is different. But when you are going to put your hand on someone’s shoulder or shake their hand, do so only after asking them. If they are not interested then don’t do it. It should be understood that stars are also humans. I too have had the same experience.

A drunk man came over and asked if he could take a picture, after he agreed the next question was a handshake. He said he couldn’t. Then he just clicked the photo and returned. I said the same earlier also, you should at least show the courtesy of asking someone for permission’ – Manju Pillai said in her reply to Indian Express Malayalam.

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