Such films are less in Malayalam, I don’t get any feeling while acting, that’s why I learned Telugu – Samyuktha’s indirect answer on controversies

Samyukta is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. Her real name is Sanyukta Menon but recently she has changed the word Menon from her name. Not only did he gain attention from the Malayalam film Thevandi, but he later went on to play minor and major roles in several Malayalam films. Not only is the actress currently working more actively in Tamil and Telugu, but she is also one of the leading actresses in South India today.

At the same time, recently there were many controversies related to him. The latest controversy was related to the film Buma Rank. The criticism made by the producer of this film was that Samyukta did not participate in the promotional events of this film. Shine Tom Chacko, who played another central character in the film, came forward criticizing Samyukta. But he has not yet given any official answer on this issue, but many of his answers are read by the audience as indirect answers on this issue.

Now what he says in an interview given on YouTube channel Behindwoods Tamil is being looked into. Samyukta says that there are less commercial films in Malayalam and she wants to do all kinds of films and that’s why she is not stressed about the language and for this she learned to speak Telugu. Samyukta says that she learned the language to make herself feel that she is one of them.

Meanwhile Samyukta says that if you go to another country and speak in English, the local people will think that you are an English girl, but if you speak Tamil, they will think that it is our child. The actor, however, says that he works hard for every film, but he wants to feel that he is important. When you go to promotional events for a film, you need something to talk about as a character in that film. The actor said that he doesn’t feel particularly good while acting in some films.

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