Subi Suresh told for the first time the reason behind the separation of father and mother, Malayalam audience said that this is the reason for the breakup of many families.

Subi Suresh is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. Recently, the actor participated in Flower TV’s show Orukodi. In this, the actor revealed many such things which the actor has not told till now. The actor also spoke for the first time on the show about the reason behind his father and mother’s separation. It is now becoming a wave on social media.

The actor says that his father and mother were married for love. But when he was 20, his father separated him. But they say it was never the father’s fault. The actor says he used to sleep on his father’s stomach when he came to act in Cinemala shows. The actor recalls all these things very emotionally.

My father had a habit of drinking a little too much. Some people tried to take advantage of this. He encouraged maximum drinking. I don’t want to say who it is. So the father got inclined towards it. That’s how you decide to break up. Even after the breakup, he was in a very good condition. It was not that his father beat him – the actor clarifies.

My father used to call me every now and then. All gifts were given and released while leaving the Bay. We lost the people he was with. I have always loved and respected my father. Now the actor says that he understood his mistakes and called them later. My father died in an accident. The actor recalls all these things very emotionally.

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