Subi and I had decided to get married with full understanding, I don’t know whether I will get married now or not; A male name

Kerala is saddened by the passing away of artist Subi Suresh. Subi traveled with a great desire in his life. The actress had said that if she had to marry, she would marry for love. Subi Suresh had found a suitable man. Recently Subi Suresh introduced her future husband Rahul while participating in a show. Subi also told that the marriage will happen this month itself.

Viewers get to know more about Rahul after Subi’s death. Now attention is being paid to Rahul’s words in an interview.

Rahul’s words are as follows..

Maxim tries to save Subi. Everyone is sad that they could not save that person. Subi was hundred times BC star than me. I also paid more attention to the profession. Life didn’t pay much attention. That’s why the marriage got delayed. We were always on schedule and stuff. So we decided to live together. But love is nothing. The family knew everything. Because it is not the same field. know each other.

Zooey loves her mother the most in the world. There is no one else in Subi’s life other than her mother. Subi also liked me as mother liked me. Subi will find a hundred people like me. Maybe Subi liked me because I didn’t go beyond what my mother said. Subi’s last word is mother. Subi and I decided to get married after understanding each other completely. We understood each other a lot. I don’t know if I will get married again or not. let’s watch…

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