Student misbehaved with Aparna Balamurali despite expressing displeasure and publicly apologized

Student misbehaved with actress Aparna Balamurali The incident took place when Thangam had come to the law college for the promotion of the film. The girl student who came near to offer flowers to Aparna grabbed Aparna’s hand and pulled her up. The young man also tried to hold Aparna’s shoulder. In this case, the video of the actress expressing displeasure and trying to grab the young man is going viral on social media.

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Aparna was accompanied by actor Vineeth Sreenivasan, music director Bijipal and other crew members of the film.

Realizing that the actress did not like the young man’s behavior, one of the students apologized to Aparna on stage. Then the young man came again and said that he did not do it intentionally, but being a fan of Aparna, he tried to take the photo.

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