Still, searching for Nimmi’s face in the crowd, he wept bitterly while narrating the story; Actor Devan told Rajinikanth’s love story and fans were in tears after listening to the story.

Rajinikanth is the style man of Tamil. Superstar Rajinikanth is one star who has won the hearts of South Indian film lovers in both villain and hero roles.

The story of Rajni who was a bus conductor and went on to become the style manna of South Indian cinema is an inspiration to all. It was his love interest that paved the way for Rajinikanth to enter cinema.

But later Rajinikanth lost this love. Still he is looking for the face of his old girlfriend Nimmi in the crowd. Rajinikanth’s lost love is now being discussed on social media.

The story of Rajni’s lost love, which was earlier told by actor Devan in an interview with Manorama, is now gaining attention again.

I went to Bombay for 10 days to shoot for Bhasha. It was shot there. We were staying at the Holiday Inn at that time.

My room and Rajni sir’s room were next to each other. One day he invited me to his room for dinner. But I didn’t care.

Because even superstars invite us to their rooms for dinner formalities. I thought maybe it is not a big deal, it must be Rajni sir’s call.

So Vijay Kumar, an actor and I went out that day. Later at around 10 pm we came back to the hotel. The room key was given with a bundled message from the reception.

It was full of Rajni sir calling and asking if I was back. He used to call every fifteen minutes. After seeing the message, Vijay Kumar immediately sent me to Rajinikanth’s room.

When I reached there, he was waiting for me with drinks and snacks. He had been waiting for me since half past eight.

I apologized to him for making me wait so long. He called me and made me sit inside saying it was fine. When she said that she had gone out with Vijayakumar, Rajneesar invited her to the room as well.

Later, while we were eating and talking, we came upon the subject of love. Rajnisar asked me if Devan was sir’s first love.

I told him the story saying, “Sir, who doesn’t have one?” It was a revolutionary love. His eyes filled with tears when I narrated the story.

Then when I asked him, he told about his love affair while working as a conductor. That girl’s name was Nirmala.

He was called Nimmi. The two met and fell in love on the bus. The girl was a student of MBBS.

In Karnataka bus one enters from the back and gets off from the front. But one day a girl walked in front. Rajni Sir working as a conductor stopped him.

But the girl pushed Rajni sir’s hand and made her sit in the bus. The friendship that started like this turned into love. One day Rajni sir invites Nimmi to watch a play he is performing in his colony.

Seeing this, Nimmi sent an application to the Adyar Film Institute without Rajneesar’s consent. Rajni sir came to know about the application when he was called for the interview.

After going for the interview and joining there, one day Rajini sir came to Bangalore to meet Nirmala. But Nirmala was not found. It is learned that he has sold the land.

Since then he has not been able to meet Nirmala. This hurt him a lot. Devan said that when he finished talking about Nirmala, he burst into tears.

Devan said in an interview that even today wherever he goes, he finds Nirmalayan in any crowd and Rajini sir told me. Devan said that when he saw Rajinikanth, he understood that there is a difference between success and peace of mind. There is no relation.