Step with the old lady and family trend – video

Vriddhi is a huge social media star who has made her way into films from the world of serials. Vridhi, who became a sensation with Allu Arjun’s dance number, is now busy in films. Even before coming on television, the young talent was popular on social media with her lip-sync videos. Vriddhi also gained attention as a child model.

Vriddhi’s father and mother Vishal Kannan and Gayathri are professional dancers. Now he is going out with his daughter. This time Vriddhi’s Kunjanian and Mr. All of these are in step with the trends that are currently taking over Instagram. Vridhi is a favorite of television viewers in Kerala. This kid has acted in two movies and several TV commercials.

Vridhi Vishal, who took birth as a baby worm in Saaras, also played the role of Tiger opposite Prithviraj. Vridhi played the role of a daughter in Prithviraj Sukumaran starrer Katuwa.

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Meanwhile Vridhi’s arrival at Star Magic with her family had gone viral. After a year and a half, Vriddhi’s mother Gayatri dances on a stage through star magic. Gayatri stepped on the stage with such enthusiasm that day.

Story Highlights- Vridhi Vishal dances with the family