Sonia commits suicide in Mounarag – Mixindia

Maunargam is one such series which has grabbed attention in a very short span of time. Tamil actors are playing important roles in this. Even after coming to Malayalam, he managed to show excellent performance. Naleef and Aishwarya are playing important characters in the serial. Meanwhile, Srivetha will be seen as Kiran’s sister in the series. The actress plays the role of Sonia.

But now the fans are surprised to see a video that has surfaced. This video has been shared by Shreeshweta herself. The actress also often shares location videos. But now he has shared the scene where his serial character dies.
In the video, an ambulance arrives and the body is taken out and the mother and others start crying bitterly. Soni’s face is also clearly shown in the video.

There are several comments below. This is the prayer of the listeners that God, someone should see this dream.

Soni fell in love with Vikram’s picture and got married. But after the birth of a child after the marriage, Soni learns that Vikram does not have that capability and learns that Kalyani, whom he trusted the most, is also involved in the fraud. Knowing that Vikram does not know how to paint, Sonia prepares to commit suicide.

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