Son of actor Baburaj got married; star-studded reception

Mammootty and Mohanlal dazzled at the wedding reception of actor Baburaj’s son. Baburaj’s son Abhay got married recently. Gladys is the bride. Photos and videos of the wedding and reception are now going viral on social media.

Only close relatives and friends attended the wedding ceremony. Abhay’s reception was packed with stars including Mammootty and Mohanlal. Abhay is the son of Babu Raj from his first marriage. Akshay is another son.

Baburaj married Vani Vishwanath in 2002 after a divorce. Their children are Archa and Aromal. The audience learned about the star’s first wife and children after the news of the marriage of Baburaj’s son.

The video of Baburaj coming to attend son Abha’s engagement was the first to surface. The actor returned with his first wife and children attending all the celebrations.

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