Some words hurt so much that we cannot tear them away; Meghna about her new decision

Chandanmaja was once a serial aired on Asianet. Actress Maghna Vincent played an important role in this superhit series. Through this single series, the actress managed to win the love of the audience. The actress, who said goodbye to serials after marriage, has made a comeback from Tamil serials after a long break. These days Meghna is shining in the serial Mrs. Hitler. The actress is also active on social media.

The actress shared the details through her YouTube channel. Now the latest vlog posted by the actress is grabbing everyone’s attention. The actress talked about her New Year’s resolution.

It is better to decide what not to do in 2023 than what to do in 2023. Similarly, if you get angry in 2023, then if possible, remain silent. But when it needs to be said, it will be said.

Some things we say in anger are like hammering a nail into the wall. No matter how much we tear it or rip it off, there will still be a small trace left in it. Similarly, I felt that the words we say when we are angry are important. Those words hurt the person on the other side. That’s why the actress said that even if she gets angry in 2023, but if she can remain silent then she will remain silent.

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