Snake and chere meat is preferred in food, and the wife will now eat everything; ronson

Ronson is one actor who has become an audience favorite through the small screen. However, the actor got more attention after his participation in Bigg Boss. Neeraj is also a doctor. The actor had talked about his wife and love several times in the Bigg Boss house. Ronson also talked about his love for food on the show. Now in the interview the actor also talked about some of the food items he eats.

Ronson, who said he was very fond of Chinese food, said he ate everything from snakes, scorpions and cockroaches. What is called Chinese food here is not real Chinese food. I have been to China once. He wants to go with his wife. But I could not get visa due to security reasons.

The actor says that the most favorite thing he has eaten so far is Malambam and Chera’s irichi. Ate in Malaysia. It looks like a fish. In Thailand and China, grasshoppers can be found wrapped in sweets. It can be enjoyed like eating popcorn

Then he ate the black scorpion, which is of good size. They tell us to eat it with closed eyes thinking it to be a crab. If you eat scorpion it is a mandip for two or three hours. Intoxicating to be precise. Its poison is trapped in our body. If that poison gets into our blood, we will die. The wife was a vegetarian and now eats everything. The actor said, I fed rabbit meat to my wife by calling it chicken and pork.

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