Since sixth grade you haven’t just seen my face and I’ve seen yours, now go and see the world, we went to sign the divorce together; Actress Leena told the story of divorce

Leena is one of the finest actresses in Malayalam. Leena, who stepped into cinema at the age of 16, has worked in many great films.
The actor is now in the 25th year of his film career.

Malayali’s favorite Leena is divorced. Leena is married to Abhilash. Their school romance led to marriage. After living as husband and wife for several years, they dissolved their marriage. Now the actor is telling the story of his divorce.

Leena told the story of her divorce in an interview given to Django Space. I’ve had a boyfriend since I was in sixth grade. The actor says that he married on that front.

The actress says that we parted on such friendly terms. You would not have seen such a friendly divorce anywhere else.

I’ve had a boyfriend since I was in sixth grade. He married that friend. After marriage, both lived together for a long time. Reaching a place, Puli said, you have seen my face since sixth grade and I have seen yours. Leena says this is how we ended our marriage legally that you go see the world and I will see.

We actually parted on such friendly terms. The actress says that she would not have seen such an amicable divorce anywhere else. She should have signed in the court. We went there together.

At that time, there is an internal commotion going on between two big families. What he said about the dog and the cat is a problem. We went to the canteen as we were told it would take some time.

He came to call us when it was our time. The person who had come to call us saw that both of us were cutting and eating guljam from a bowl. The man who saw this stopped and asked again. Leena said that you have really come for divorce.

Then the actor says that we both went and signed and bought the divorce. The actor also said in the interview that this was the scene I really felt I should write in the film.

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