Since sixth grade, I don’t see your face and you see mine. Lena about divorce

Leena is favorite actress of Malayalam. The actor has also acted in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and English languages ​​apart from Malayalam. The actress has also turned to writing in front of the camera. Leena entered cinema in 1998 and took a break from her career.
Later the star made a strong comeback.

Now the actress talked about her marriage and divorce. Leena says that she married her 6th grade boyfriend and later divorced while maintaining that friendship.

After a while happily we said, ‘Since sixth grade I have only seen your face and you have seen mine. Go and see the world, let me see too.’ Saying this we parted ways. Leena said that we parted very amicably.

They were together till going to court. We are distributing Gulab Jamun together, only then the lawyer comes and sees. The actor also says that the lawyer asked if you did not come for divorce. Leena said that she wants a film to be made on it.

Actress Leena is a part of Malayalam cinema. It’s even more questionable if there’s a movie without Leni. Leena, who entered the miniscreen, later appeared on the big screen. Later this actor played many characters.