Signs of Robin Radhakrishnan entering politics, do you know which party the actor is going to choose?

Robin Radhakrishnan is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He was the strongest contestant of the last Bigg Boss season. But he was fired from the program for assaulting another contestant. In protest against this, many people came against Asianet. Meanwhile, it was his former partner who was chosen as the winner of the previous Bigg Boss season.

Also, he had already given the answer that he is coming into politics. But many people thought that he said this in jest. But now his new post has again come into the limelight. Now he has shared a legislative scene in the film Aaryadhu Ezhut, which featured Surya Kendra. This indicates that he has once again dusted off his political plans.

At the same time, his fans are discussing about which party he will go to. The Malayali audience, who are also his fans now, have given him an ultimatum that whether you are CPM or Congress, we will support you, but if there is a plan to go to BJP, then our support will end.

Meanwhile, many people are asking him to start his own party and show the leaders here what politics is. His fans are now asking him to mobilize the youth and start pure political activity. Now his supporters are saying that if you do this whole Kerala will stand with you and we can form a new model party and then make it a national party and one day we will be able to rule whole India.

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