Shukur’s lawyer will remarry his own wife, the audience praises the lawyer for bypassing religious law and keeping gender justice above religion, religious activists oppose the incident

Malayalis can never forget Shukra Vakil. He played an important role in the film Nanna Than Kes Kodu. Now his latest Facebook post is being discussed. Now news is coming out that he is going to get married for the second time.

He has shared the post in save date format as all youngsters do. He says this is my second marriage on coming 8th March. At first everyone thought it was some kind of promotion for the film. But honest news suggests that he is going to get married in real life.

Do you know who he is going to marry? He is going to marry his own wife. Do you know why he does this? He marries again to circumvent a settlement in Muslim personal law. He remarries his own wife for the sake of his daughters.

At the same time, many people have come forward to congratulate him. Even when religion came as an obstacle in front of the rights of their own daughters, the audience is still appreciating their courage to stand up for gender justice. At the same time, a section of people is criticizing him. People say that this marriage is above their own religion and nothing else. However, let’s read his post which is now going viral on social media:

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