Shooting of Vijesh Mani’s second film ‘Karinthala’ has started

Kochi: After the film ‘Adivasi’, the shooting of ‘Karinthala’ written and directed by Vijesh Mani has started. Mohanji has turned on Karma in Mukutla Kannekav and the film is being made on the theme of black people. ‘Karingali’ is a ritual art which is observed with great wonder during festivals.

Shaiju Avaran and Kannan Mangalam, who are notable for their album ‘Caringaliyale’, are composing the music for the film which comprises ten songs. Poet and lyricist Rafiq Ahmed plays an important role in the film.

KR Narayanan Institute director Shankar Mohan has resigned

The film also stars singer and blacksmith Manikandan Perumappin, along with Madhavan Chhattikal, Serbian actors Milica Miskovic and Thea Klinkov. Crew members said that more details about the film will be released soon. Press Release: P. Sivaprasad.