Shias should be tied up, what has happened to them; Actress Durga Krishna says people threatened her

Star Magic is a popular show. Whoever comes on the stage of this program is the favorite of the audience. Shia Karim was also served notices through this. Earlier, Shia had also come to compete in Bigg Boss.

At the same time, some comedy scenes happening on the stage of Star Magic are being discussed a lot on social media. Once actress Durga Krishna came on the show, she proposed and lifted Durga, which went viral. After this, even the audience felt that both were really in love.

Even after her marriage, Durga told about the incident when she appeared on Durga Show. Many thought that he and Shia were actually in love. The actress also said that once she went to a wedding, her sisters threatened her not to marry a Shia. Durga said that he asked why the child did not marry a Shia, and he asked what was wrong with marrying a Shia.