Shees Karim congratulates actress Amrita on her marriage and the audience asks if the marriage is over

Kudumbavilak is one such series which has been accepted wholeheartedly by the audience. In this, all the characters were accepted wholeheartedly by the audience. The story revolves around Sumitra. Sheetal is the main character in it. Actress Amrita Nair first appeared as Sheetal.

Amrita’s performance in Kudumba Valak was exceptional. It was the role of Sheetal that made the actress famous. Amrita herself has said so. But later Amrita moved away from the family Chirag of her own free will. Later Amrita appeared in other serials and shows.

A picture shared by Amrita is now making headlines online. Amrita has shared a photo with Aju Thomas, who made headlines from the serial ‘Santavanam’. Former Bigg Boss star, actor and model Shees Karim has also posted a wedding wish under his picture.

Many people have come to congratulate him. Some people have come up with the question of whether the marriage is really over. Actually, they are not married. The information is that this picture is from the set of the new series.

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