She received death threats for commenting on Unni Mukundan’s picture; Actor and actor Santosh Kejhatoor spoke openly

Actor Santosh Keezhattur said that he had received death threats after commenting on Unni Mukundan. Santosh Keezhatoor also said that he received death threats because I had upheld my politics.

Santosh Keezhatur said these things openly in an interview given to Silly Monks Mollywood. ‘Unni Mukundan and I are co-stars.

I love his pictures. We have also worked together in Style. I made a silly comment the other day and admit it was wrong.

But I have also faced death threats. I have even been told that some people will call me and kill me. Santosh Keezhatur said that this is because I have taken up my politics in the right way.

What hurt me was that even when I admitted my mistake, I took it personally. All he had to do was come down to it and make a comment. Later, he often spoke in interviews as if he didn’t know me.

Santosh Keezhattur also said, “Recently when I saw the video of him calling Theri, I felt sad.” In 2021, Santhosh Keezhatur made comments criticizing Unni Mukundan.

In 2021, Unni Mukundan wished Hanuman Jayanti on social media with a picture of himself holding a Hanuman idol.

Below this, Santosh Keezhatoor commented that ‘Will Hanuman Swami save the country from Corona?’ This comment made a lot of headlines.

Then Unni Mukundan also came with a reply comment. ‘Man, we acted together. So let’s be polite. I am putting this post here after praying for everyone in front of the God I believe in.

Unni Mukundan had also replied that he has not lost his worth by making such remarks.


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