Shaji Kailas, tired of running, with action, cuts and retakes; making hunt video

The making video of the film ‘Hunt’ directed by Shaji Kailas starring Bhavna in the lead has been released. Shaji Kailas shared the making of video which includes important scenes from the film and some scenes of emotion. The film is coming as a horror thriller.

‘Doctor. Hunt’, which is set against the backdrop of the medical complex. Bhavna plays the role of Keerti. The story of this film unfolds from the revelations of a case in front of Kirti. Atithi Ravi’s ‘Dr. Sara is another important character in the film.

Ajmal Aamir, Rahul Madhav, Anumohan, Ranji Panikkar, Chanthu Nath, G Suresh Kumar Nandu Lal, Dan David, Vijayakumar, Biju Pappan, Kottayam Naseer, Divya Nair and Sonu are playing other prominent roles.

The film is produced by K Radhakrishnan under the banner of Jayalakshmi Films. The screenplay of the film is by Nikhil S Anand. Hari Narayanan and Santhosh Varma’s lyrics are composed by Kailas Menon.

Meanwhile, Bhavana has another upcoming film ‘Nittikkaru Premandarni’. After the completion of the shooting, the post production work of the film is going on. Kannada films like ‘Pink Note’ and ‘Case of Kondana’ are also being made for the star.

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