Seema Vineeth said that there was only one problem that could be rectified, the Keralites said that without them the Kalotsavam would not have been so beautiful.

Seema Vineeth is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He is a transgender activist. Apart from this, she is also a hair and makeup specialist. She remains very active in social media. They share all their new features with their fans. Often they respond through social media.

Most of the time, they comment on all the social, cultural and political issues happening in the country. All that is taken by his followers. Now one of his latest posts has been seen. He has commented on the issue which is now becoming a hot debate in Kerala. Many people are now coming forward to congratulate him.

Mohanan Namboodiri made an announcement this morning. He had announced that he would not be able to cook from the next Kalatsavam. He said that some people spread divisiveness over food and it created fear and if that happens, he cannot stay in the kitchen. The education minister had also said that non-veg food would be given from next year. In the background of all this, various reactions are coming from the society of Kerala. It is also noteworthy that journalist Arun Kumar had started all this.

At the same time, the actor says that if a section of journalists in Kerala does well, then our current caste problems will disappear from Kerala. The actor asks why the poison of caste and religion is added to the food eaten and for whom. The star also reminded that if our whole body were to be cut open, it would bleed only one colour. At the same time, the audience is reminded that journalists are an important part of our society and without them the arts festival would not have happened as beautifully.

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