See this group of fans behind the stars, stars are paying you the price of grass, have you seen what Ranbir Kapoor did to a fan who asked for a selfie?

Ranbir Kapoor is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He has not even worked in a Malayalam film till now. However, his films are always appreciated by Malayalees. This is because he always works in films with the importance of acting and Malayalees will give great approval to such films regardless of the language.

Ranbir Kapoor is generally said to be one of the most humble people with his fans. But now a video has surfaced which proves that it was just a drama. A young man is asking her for a selfie. Ranbir Kapoor stops there for a while to take a selfie. It is clearly visible in the video that he is smiling and posting for the photo.

But despite trying to take a photo several times, the fan is unable to take a photo and keeps on taking selfies again and again. In the end, in the video, the disgruntled star asks for a phone from the fan and buys it. As soon as the phone comes in his hand, he throws the phone back. In the video, we can see the fan who is very impressed with the actor.

Normally, there is a lot of criticism of the actor under such videos. But unlike normal days, now fans are commenting in different ways. Everyone in the audience thinks it is an ad shoot. Viewers say that he is a person who always treats his fans very softly and they did not expect such a reaction from them at all. And, don’t forget that Ranbir Kapoor is also the brand ambassador for a number of camera-emphasis phones.

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