Samyuktha blamed the Malayalam film culture, at first she criticized the actress, but after listening to the actress, the audience understood the reason behind Malayalam actresses switching to foreign languages.

Samyukta Menon is one of the favorite stars. He was noticed through the film Thevandi. He recently dropped Menon from his name. Now they are just united. Recently he got embroiled in another controversy. It was the producers of the film Boomerang who were facing serious charges. He was accused of missing the promotional events of the film. The producer said that Samyuktha told him that he was no longer doing Malayalam films and that he was doing a 30 crore film and that he had to concentrate on that.

Although Samyukta has not yet officially announced her position on the issue, the words spoken by the actor in an earlier interview comparing Malayalam cinema and foreign language films are now being noticed. Samyukta gave this response on Dhanya Verma’s chat program ‘I am with Dhanya Verma’.

“More love comes from foreign languages ​​than Malayalam cinema. The love and respect they give us is immense. Here even basic salary is not available from the film. It was like this in the beginning. Even the toilet facilities are difficult to access. Firstly the bathroom was not clean at all. Kathak also could not really stop. They will give us such bathrooms” – says Samyukta.

“But it also took a long time to react. Cinema is business, shooting location India is workplace, even the basics were like that. Never say no to luxury amenities. Being able to use basic clean bathrooms in a workplace It is a basic necessity to have. We didn’t get any of these in the initial days,” said the actor.

“I didn’t even get paid for my first attempt. No one ever talked to me about it. This is the kind of thing that novices often face with films. Because filmmakers take it as a big deal to give them a chance. Let’s see. We are talking about the film Lily. I came to foreign language as a beginner. But it got approved from there. They are ready to help us,” says the actor.

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