Samyukta Verma was the one who brought that turning point in Dilip’s life and hence Dilip named his daughter Meenakshi – heard this short story about Dilip and his daughter?

Dileep is one of the most favorite actors of Malayalees. If you ask who is the most popular hero of Malayalam cinema, none other than Dileep can answer it. If you ask who is the most popular hero from small kids to grandparents, the answer would be Dileep. Dileep is one of those names that have become a part of the cultural life of Malayalees. Dilip’s fans always say that Dilip has worked hard to make our childhood beautiful.

Dilip is also the father of two daughters. The names of these children are Meenakshi and Mahalakshmi. Meenakshi is the daughter of his first wife Manju. Meanwhile, Mahalakshmi is the daughter of his second wife, Kavya. Do you know why Dilipatan named Meenakshi as Meenakshi? Now a post on social media says that there is a story behind it. But this is just one of the many stories heard in the film industry. There is no proof of this story.

Thenkashipatnam was the turning point of Dileep’s career. He played the role of an enemy in this film. But the story goes that such a character was not originally present in the film and later such a character was added to the film on the suggestion of Sanyukta Verma. It is said that Dileep was one of the emerging actors who did all the mimicry at that time and this role proved to be a turning point in his career.

Meenakshi is the name of the character played by Sanyukta in this film. That’s why, according to a post on social media, as a debt to Samyukta, Dilepatan named the character after his daughter. Whether it is true or not, the audience says that it is a very beautiful story.

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