Samyukta responds to her critics including Shine Tom Chacko: Didn’t expect social media to react like this

Actress Samyuktha was criticized for not attending the promotions of her film Boomerang.

The film’s producer and hero Shine Tom Chacko came forward against Samyukta.

Later many people criticized the actress and came on social media.

Now the actress has come into limelight by giving a befitting reply to those who hate her. This answer of Samyukta was during an interview.

Nadi was asked a question during the interview. The host asked him to give three things to whom, give each of them.

The items are mirror, knife and clap board. In response, Samyukta said that she would take the mirror and clap board herself.

When the presenter said that she can give knives to haters, Samyukta said, “I can hug haters, give them chocolates, why give them knives.” “I didn’t do anything to him,” says Samyukta.

Samyukta also said that she does not see any negative things about herself. The thinking of the actress who does not hate critics is being praised on social media.

According to the actress, she does not see anything negative about herself. He doesn’t have the time or patience for this.

Those who have time should sit and talk negative things, let them say it – Samyukta said.

The actor recently crossed his caste line named Menon. The actress said that from now on it is enough to call her Samyukta.

But Shine Tom criticized the actress for not participating in the promotions, mocking her strong stance.

No matter whether you are a Menon, a Nair, a Christian or a Muslim, what is the point of not completing the work done,” said Shine.

‘The films I do are big releases. 35 crore film is being made. I have my own career. The producer said that Samyukta had told him not to get the promotion.

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