RRR on world’s biggest IMAX screen, but more Malayalis than Telugus are lucky to watch it, don’t miss this opportunity

Rajamouli’s RRR was released in March this year. The film received very good reports but was criticized by many for falling short of the usual Rajamouli films. Another group of people criticized that the film felt like a cartoon and a circus at many places and the story of the film did not connect emotionally with the audience. Although the film collected around Rs 1200 crores, but the audience says that it is not enough for Rajamouli’s film.

Meanwhile the film has become a surprise hit in the western country including America. We all have an idea that generally English people do not like any kind of spicy food. But he has sat down and accepted this film which we called Crinch. After this the director has announced the second part of the film.

The film was shortlisted for the Oscars. It is now learned that a special screening of the film is going to happen. The world’s biggest IMAX screening event is about to happen. It is known that there will be a screening of the film here and the director of the film will participate in it. Apart from this, it is known that Ramcharan Teja and Junior NTR, who play the central character in the film, will also participate in this special screening.

This screen is located in Los Angeles, USA. Meanwhile, Indians are one of the largest groups in America. The fact is that most of them are Malayalees. The number of Telugus is very less. That’s why even Telugu people are now saying that Malayalees are more fortunate to watch this movie on the world’s biggest IMAX screen.

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