Robin Radhakrishnan shared the good news, but it unexpectedly had a stigma underneath – and here’s why

Robin Radhakrishnan is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. The actor got noticed through the latest edition of Bigg Boss. Even though it’s been months since the incident, she still has anxious days. He participated in many inaugural programs. Now it is learned that he is engaged in his engagement. Apart from this, the work of the film in which he has written, directed and acted as the hero, is also going on smoothly.

A few days ago he posted an Instagram. He said that he will not be active on social media for some time. He said that he is not getting enough sleep, he has been like this for months, his health is getting worse and so he is going to take a break and even if he rests, he will be back soon.

Lots of people have given great responses below. The comments below say that our mental health is very important and therefore it is important to take breaks anyway.

But the day after posting this break, he posted another one. He shared the news that it has been six months when no one came into his life. But under it, contrary to the norm, nasty comments appeared. Be aware that these comments were made by those opposing him.

You said yesterday that the society is going to take a break from the media and then people are asking what happened now. At the same time, Robin has not said that he will completely stay away from social media and his supporters are asking him what is wrong in posting on such a big celebration day.