reply to critics; Soubin holds the character despite the film being dull

reply to critics; Soubin holds the character despite the film being dull

spoiler ALERT

Jinn is a movie directed by Siddharth Bharatan and starring Saubin Shahir in the lead role. Jin’s story begins with an interesting mix of magical realism and fantasy-like elements. Saubin is playing a double role in the film. The film has two polar characters like the madman Lallappan and the smuggler Anees.

The jinn begins with redness that has mental troubles. The audience enters the mystical world of Lallappan with beautiful views of a rural area towards Kasark. He can know the concerns of the dead. Lallappan would soon understand what the deceased wanted to say to his relatives. While others see it as madness, Lallappan describes it as his creativity.

Lalappan sees that Kalan and Poth are coming to call their old grandmother. He is an innocent. Lalappan tries to help others in every way possible.

Anees is just the opposite. He lives in a different world of smuggling, pubs and drugs. When Anees sees that things are not going his way, he resorts to violence to enforce them. Anees will not hesitate even to give his life for this. Anise has a wicked expression whether she is laughing or angry.

Saubin has played both the characters in the best way. Soubin has beautifully portrayed the innocence of Lallappan and the singularity of his mental problems. There is a transformation scene in the beginning of the film, which takes seconds. Acting to be in the dead man’s body, Lalappan is brought back to his identity by a call from behind. It was one of the most spectacular scenes of Jinn.

One drawback of Ginnil Saab is that it is not suitable for the Kasaragod dialect. However, this does not detract much from the enjoyment of the film.

2022 is one of the most films and also the most important year in Saurabh’s career. Saubin was criticized for his performances in Bro Daddy, Jack & Jill and CBI 5: The Brain. Meanwhile, his performance in the film Ilavizapanchira was praised. Soubin is once again answering critics with his performance in Jin.

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