Renaissance Kerala, who cried when a god decided to shut down and leave Kachoudam, did not see this violence against women!!

Social media picked up on the food controversy at the state school arts festival and the argument that Mohanan Namboothiri is no longer allowed to prepare food at the Yuvajanotsava venue. Actor Harish Perati mocked whether the caste watchers in this case don’t know that the real casteist used the toilet with the women and that the protest was going on.

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actor’s note

All politicians and progressives in Kerala are crying foul saying this is caste hatred when a god decided to shut down kachotham… A month passed though real caste fanatics caused these poor women to use toilets started protesting…renaissance kerala is still not done had time to cry…how cleverly upper class are ruling all revolutionary movements and pseudo progressives..vivekananda swamy..sorry..kerala still a It’s a’s God’s forsaken land…