Prithviraj stopped the shoot by raising his hand and asked the boys to give water and take the shot.

‘Prithviraj stopped the shoot by raising his hand, gave water to the boys and asked them to take the shot’

Choreographer Manoj Fidak shared his experiences with Prithviraj. Manoj said that even though he was once seen as arrogant, the truth is not like that. Stating that Prithviraj is a very genuine person, Manoj also shared an incident on the sets of Star. In an interview given to Master Bin Channel, Manoj talked about Prithviraj.

This was a time when Prithviraj was called arrogant. But I know it isn’t. I have worked with him as a dancer and choreographer. You can’t convince people.

An incident happened while shooting Chandy’s son. Choreography is done by Prasanna. Shot in Pollachi. it’s very sunny. There are seven or eight dancers. Raju sir is standing in front of him. There is no way to escape if it is sunny. A boy from the dancers said, man, give me some water. But they don’t pay attention while taking the shot. But Raju sir heard that it was water.

Raju sir raised his hand when he said ok as the shot is ready. In Thani Thiruvananthapuram dialect, he told the boys to just give them water and take shots. At that point the spot took on a cult following.

He said didn’t you hear that man asking for water, didn’t you see standing in this sun, when Prithviraj showed his hand the water didn’t come properly, he said consider everything. We took that shot when he was drinking water. Polly is such a genuine person. Dance will catch up soon. Sometimes it seems that he came into the film as a trained person,’ Manoj said.

Kappa is the last Prithviraj film to be released. Directed by Shaji Kailas, the film stars Aparna Balamurali as the heroine. Other characters were played by Asif Ali, Anna Ben, Jagdish and Dillesh Pothan.

Ingredients Highlight: Choreographer Manoj Fidak shares his experiences with Prithviraj

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