Pranav Mohanlal boldly climbed a huge rock and tree – VIDEO

Pranav Mohanlal is one such actor who is not affected at all by being a star son. Pranav, who shone in cinema as a child, tried to stay away from the limelight when he made his debut as a hero. Pranav chose a different lifestyle with his travels. Now the reel shared by Pranav as he is active on social media is garnering attention.

The actor has shared behind-the-scenes footage from his journey. The video of Pranav climbing ravines and huge trees is going viral on social media. Pictures and videos of film actor Pranav Mohanlal going on adventures are seen a lot on social media.

Meanwhile, Hriday is the film that finally impressed the audience with Pranav in the lead role. Directed by Vineeth Sreenivasan, the film has grabbed the attention of the massive audience. After the success of the film, the latest video of Pranav who is busy in his travels is now being seen on social media.

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Along with acting, Pranav is someone who loves to travel. The actor also shares pictures of his solo trip on social media. Pictures of the adventure trip through the Himalayan routes shared by the actor earlier and pictures of the actor climbing through the gorge were widely viewed. Pranav Mohanlal is one actor who has gained a lot of fan following even before entering cinema. Apart from being a star son, Pranav Mohanlal is also an actor who has stolen the love of Malayalees with his simple lifestyle and persona.

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