Prabhas took a loan of 21 crores from the bank by mortgaging his property, do you know why Prabhas, who got 100 crores for a film, took a loan of only 21 crores?

Prabhas is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He is also setting foot in Kerala through Telugu films. Just one movie of Baahubali is enough to remember him forever. But now things are getting so bad that there will be only one movie named Baahubali to remember him forever. Even before Bahubali, he has worked in many hit films, but these were his own Telugu films. That is, they were films that could not be viewed as a family.


After the Brahmanda success of the film Baahubali, all the films he did were Brahmanda. All these films were largely re-releases of generic films. That’s why all these films flopped. Radheshyam in which Prabhas played the central role is considered to be the biggest disaster in the history of Indian cinema.

At the same time, news is coming out that he has taken a loan. There are reports that he has taken loans against properties in his name. The loan taken was only Rs 21 crore. At the same time, he is a person who is paid between Rs 100 to 150 crores per film. The audience asks why he has taken a loan from the bank.

A section of people says that his last two films were flops and hence he has taken loan to make up for the loss. While his uncle had produced his last two films. So the audience says that this is the reason. And all big businessmen are used to taking loans from banks. This is to enhance their credibility. Small amounts are borrowed and repaid on time. And then later when there is a big need, this is done to take a big loan from the bank. Now everyone feels that perhaps Prabhas is also following the same path.

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